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Our mission & values
"BITEGRICO exists to provide strategic services in digital marketing to help small & medium-sized businesses transform into profitable organizations uniting knowledge, experience and technology."
Meet the team
Our core team consists of devoted specialists which can be treated as your inhouse marketing squad, meanwhile, we work remotely being an independent unit. We are agile and eager to scale when the demand appears — the best freelancers will be hired exclusively for your project.
Andrew Krutko
I serve as a mediator between Sales and IT, by setting the technology vision for automation oriented towards business goals.
Alexandra Ivanskaya
If the content is king, then conversion is queen. I am in charge of social media advertising campaigns and do my best to keep the lowest conversion price.
Bohdan Duplii
Traffic, Visibility, Domain Rating, Semantics, Linkbuilding are not some common words but an infinite universe to grow your business!
Anastasia Peresunko
"Engage, Enlighten, Encourage and just be yourself!" — SMM main pillars! I help businesses to convert their social media into valuable assets, gathering the community and increasing sales.
Andrew Vengerov
There are only 6 countries in the world for which I have never set up advertising on Google. It doesn't matter in which industry you operate - we will boost your income!
Alla Vovk
The budget is not just a collection of numbers, but an expression of your values and aspirations. My role is to keep your budget safe and clear.
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BITEGRICO is a devoted digital marketing agency; our services are targeted for small & medium-sized companies ready to optimize their performance. We implement digital-driven marketing strategies to help our customers attract new clients and hold-off the existing, applying automation techniques and predictive marketing approach.
Discover your marketing potential, find out strengths and weaknesses. Obtain a strategy & get ready for growth.
We exploit the digital marketing mix to create tailored to your needs strategy and attract target audiences.
Unleashing the power of data we assist companies to pave their way to large-scale change of the business.
Implementing the content strategies we help businesses to reach their goals: increase awareness & generate leads.
Case Studies
Read our clients' success stories and how they had benefited from their business transformation, implementing technology and leading experience.
About Client
Company's Pains
Campaign Gains
International Payment Platform
FONDY is a payment platform whose main function is to provide internet acquiring. This means processing online payments via websites, mobile applications and other devices connected to the internet.

FONDY also offers cloud-based white-label solutions for banks, IPSPs and processing centres providing internet acquiring and financial settlement services.
FONDY provides payment and ecommerce services to over 1500 companies worldwide.
  • Brand Awareness.
Corporate website was lost on the second page of Google Search

  • Digital Marketing Strategy.
The company needed a plan how to act on Internet

  • European Market Entrance.
The company's goal was to start operations on European market

  • Sales Funnel Development.
Personalisation of decision making journey for each buyer persona.
The result of our cooperation
In 2017 the project team developed and implemented the digital marketing strategy with focus on step by step increase of brand presence in Internet in Ukraine and CIS.
Applying inbound marketing techniques and advanced analytics the brand succeeded to provide the target audience with relevant information on each step of customer decision journey.

In 2018 the service keeps growing. The campaign to enter in European market is on air.

+365% Visits.
+365% Users.
+79% Leads.
+340% Transactions.
About Client
Company's Pains
Campaign Gains
Polish Internet TV of high quality
Polish television media platform for Poles who live abroad.

The company cooperates with many contractors and has a well-developed network of distributors in Europe, Asia and North America.
Client's Pains
  • Low Brand Awareness.
Only small target audience segment was aware of the platform and its capabilities.

  • Low Sales Growth Dynamic.
The revenue stream has been stable for last two year but with no significant growth.

  • Regional Presence Only.
Although the service is available worldwide only Polish audience in USA used the platform.

  • Poor Media Mix.
Despite there is a great digital toolkit for marketing purposes the brand used only a few.
The result of our cooperation
On the first stage of cooperation the project team proposed the plan for quick-wins.
SEO, PPC & UX optimisations were implemented within one month and concluded in significant KPIs growth for next two months.

Further strategic improvements involve landing pages usage for each persona on each stage of sales funnel, more countries coverage, CRM data integration with google analytics to get more of audience segmentation and advanced analytics etc.

The team keeps on improving marketing ROI incorporating lead nurturing best practices in the company marketing processes.

+194% Visits.
+266% Users.
+94% Leads.
+40% Transactions.
About Client
Company's Pains
Campaign Gains
One of the biggest Ukrainian brick&mortar store
Voltmarket provides its customers with solid electrical equipment solutions to ensure their home facilities are totally protected from the misfire of the engine.
Voltmarket consultants have a technical education and always ready to help the buyers to make a decision what product will satisfy their needs.
VoltMarket Pains
  • Personalization.
No segmentation strategy were applied. Same messages were used for all audience.

  • Split Web Analytics.
No user tacking, advanced ecommerce tracking applied

  • Calls Tracking.
Calls analytics was absent. No option to track what search queries generated profit

  • Poor Media Mix.
Only a few tools were used to attract and convert leads.
The result of our cooperation
Voltmarket cooperation with the core of Bitegrico team has been lasting for seven years.

It started in 2013 as a quick win plan to improve Voltmarket's SEO-activity. In a few year all digital activities of Voltmarket were headed by Bitegrico agency.

During this period Bitegrico integrated and tested the broad list of digital tools & techniques to find the best media mix and personalized the brand communication strategy.

For last 4 years Voltmarket considerably has broadened its presence on Ukrainian market having grown from a local store in Dnipro to national ecommerce platform with brick&mortar stores in Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odessa.

+194% Visits.
+266% Users.
+94% Leads.
+40% Transactions.
Services we offer
We implement digital-driven marketing strategies to attract new clients and hold-off the existing, applying automation techniques and agile philosophy.
Discover your online marketing potential. Find out your strengths and weaknesses. Obtain a strategy and get ready for growth.

  • Marketing Audit.
  • Digital Marketing Strategy.
  • Buyer's Personas & Journeys.
Lead Generation
From lead generation to lead nurturing, close & delight.

  • Providing a fixed amount of leads.
  • Enabling a high quality of prospects.
  • Constant reporting and communication.
Digital Marketing Mix
Start a cooperation with a devoted team and obtain integrated Digital Marketing Services.

  • PPC.
  • SEO.
  • SMM.
  • Email Marketing.
  • Content Marketing.
  • Analytics & Conversions optimization.
Web Analytics
Knowledge of your website analytics brings you an opportunity to make data-driven decisions and increase sales.

  • Google Analytics Setup.
  • A dynamic report in Google Data Studio.
  • Data forecast to plan future campaigns.
Predictive Marketing
Utilize predictive analytics to define which marketing strategies and actions have the highest probability to succeed or fail.

  • Audience segmentation & CRM correlation.
  • Top-performing content for social media.
  • KPI's funnels & Real-time dashboards.
We will find a reliable team that can smoothly integrate a CRM system, create a website, or provides all the necessary marketing refinements to turn your business into a rock-star!

  • CRM Integration.
  • Web development / UX/UI.
  • Custom Recruitment.
How we succeed
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