Over the several months, we've made significant improvements in internal and external optimization.
Starting from November 2020, our team began to work on the project. At that time, the site was a fixer-upper of 4.5 years old and contained natural links from catalogs and maps. We've completely redesigned and adapted the website to the mobile version, laying a solid ground for its rapid growth.
Over the several months, we've made significant improvements in internal and external optimization:

  • introduced extended semantics;

  • created new service pages;

  • performed full technical optimization;

  • built up external links from regional sites and high-quality media;

  • set up an informational blog.
All of this prompted a significant increase in traffic for targeted queries from 90-100 to 1100-1200 unique visitors per day. A new positive dynamic persisted until a wave of new Google updates were introduced:

  • Google Products Review Update

  • Google June 2021 Core Update

  • Google Page Experience Update

According to high-frequency queries, the site fell out of the Top-10. Information queries were ranked 5th at most, and traffic dropped by half.

We didn't cease our efforts, fixed the bugs and identified the following shortcomings:

  • lack of EAT optimization and information credibility;

  • spammed texts;

  • lack of links from thematic, authoritative resources;

  • lack of alternative means of communication (viber, telegram, online chat, call order);

  • no internal linking;

  • inconvenient site navigation.

Simply put, the site was filled with useful information, but lacked organization, links to the information sources and any means of communication with the clinic, except via phone calls.

Immediately after the analysis, the following work was carried out:

1. EAT optimization

The website pages with the doctors have been supplemented with certificates and social media links.

Content authors, ratings, reading time, article markup, social media sharing, feedback forms have been incorporated into informational blocks.
Service pages now have tables with prices and links to doctors' profiles.
2. Re-optimization of texts

The text blocks of the service pages have been cleared of all re-optimization using the Pixel Tools.

The frequency of keywords according to Advego has been reduced to 3%.

3. Interlinking

Links to informational texts in the "Useful Information" blog have been added to the side menu.

The blog publications have been linked to the website pages of the doctors.
The anchor list of contextual links has been redesigned with dilution of the exact occurrences: word form, +word, synonyms.

4. New menu

An additional side menu has been created.

5. Means of communication

An online chat, callback order, clickable phone numbers, e-mail, Google map in the footer have been integrated.

6. External links

The multi-level links from thematic, credible sites and directories from Dnipro have been added.

Following these updates, the site was completely re-indexed, and with the next Google July 2021 Core Update, it rapidly moved up.

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