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Autumn significant business networking event

23/02/2019 11:11:26

The annual Odoo Experience 2018 event will take place on October, 3/5 in Belgium city - Aula Magna.

In the detailed event program 60 presentations, 50 developers' speeches, 12 workshops, 4 training sessions, 3 concerts and many other activities were announced.

First of all, this event is aimed at popularizing and scaling the Odoo community: numerous partners who work with this system every day will share their own experience in the implementation of certain modules, new technologies and interesting life-hacks integrations.

Speakers from around the world will join the Odoo Experts Group to deliver inspirational speeches and presentations on the topics of development, functionality, business development, partnerships and a variety of benefits.

60 business talks

50 developer talks

12 workshops

4 training sessions

3 live concerts

This year we are glad to announce that we will participate in a such great and exciting event

BITEGRICO is a Digital Transformation Agency.

We are a team of passionate people who love to improve our clients' businesses by using the possibilities of the latest technologies.

Our services are targeted for medium-size companies ready to optimize their performance.

Our mission is to provide strategic services in sales, marketing and supply chain automation to transform medium-sized businesses into high-value organizations uniting knowledge, experience and technology.

On behalf of the company, the conference will be visited by our top-ranked employees.

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Vasilii Ponomaryov 

Business Automation Consultant at BITEGRICO

I have led an impressive career in a business consulting industry: 10 years of experience in business automation, system integration and software development fields expands towards sales processes engagement and account management.

My primary goal is to find out the weaknesses in the clients’ business models and propose a decision to streamline the processes in the companies.

Before joining Btegrico company, I have obtained great soft and hard skills.

My expertise was broadened by the joint work with the development department at the presale stage. That commitment allows me easily understand how to ensure that clients’ interests will be safeguarded in the terms of the deadline, according to contracts.

I prefer to use a proactive sales approach to identify and serve IT needs and promotes the benefits of Odoo-ERP product. The most valuable part of my expertise is the deep understanding of the functionality of the hardware. I have provided an audit, integration and modernization of infrastructure solutions (server, data storage systems, network equipment) on the basis of the world’s leading vendors: HP, Dell, Cisco, Juniper, Netapp. Reasoning from this fact, it is always easier for me to understand the clients' needs and propose the best solution model, as I know the technical background, besides the ERP functional.

In addition, I consider myself as an outstanding, hard-working and proactive professional, who always put out energies to grow the clients’ business.

“The most enjoyable and a bit challenging part of my work is to find a client and to convince them to do what they really need, even though they have not realized it yet.”

Oleg Pikarevskyi

Business Development Representative & Co-founder at  BITEGRICO

I have reached ten years of experience in consulting, business analysis and business development. I have graduated from the Belgian business school, the specialty: innovation and entrepreneurship - this practice gave me a powerful foundation for understanding the logic of building business processes in companies. My diploma project was written on the basis of an internship in a Belgian IT company. As a result, the project was easily integrated into the real business environment: despite the limited budget, the company managed to implement the product strategy and significantly improved its efficiency.

In my competence is to help small and medium-sized businesses to analyze the situation in the company and optimize the enterprise’s business activity integrating the most appropriate software solution. My goal is not to sell software but the right solution to their problems or design bottlenecks. I have helped many companies to reduce unnecessary functionality & increase efficiency, save money and at the same time still maintain & dominate their industry.

During the last 6 years, I have concentrated on the business analysis issues. It is very important to fully engage and analyze the processes in the client's company before implementing the software solution. So I drove my expertise in drawing business models, writing use-case scenarios, business canvas, interviewing decision-makers.

Interacting with partners and customers, I always try to find the win-win solution, which will maximize the potential of companies.

I am sure that in 2018 it is impossible to effectively manage the enterprise, ignoring the possibilities of global digitalization.

I often bring to BITEGRICO some weird ideas and try to kindle with an idea my colleagues. I need to confess - sometimes it works. This is how the history of the holacracy penetration into the company life began. Today we patiently implement this module in our corporate environment.

“People have lots of ideas about what “we” should do … but “we” don’t do it. The only one does.”

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We invite anyone interested in automatic solutions to join us and adopt the best practices from the leading experts in this field. Meet the Odoo partners, schedule personal consultation and feel the spirit of Odoo Community.

See you at the Odoo Experience 2018! 

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